Here and Now

“I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.”

~ Psalms 27:13 NIV

There is no other living like living for Christ.

Often times we are reminded of the good days to come. The land paved with streets of gold where there is no more pain, crying, or sorrow.

A land where we will be reunited with loved ones who have passed away.

For most people, making it to heaven is the reason they got saved and it is what they hope for when leaving this earth.

There is nothing wrong with thinking that way, however, I’ve found that thought process can be a bit limiting to God and what he wants to do in your life right now.

Yes, we have the promise of spending eternity with God in heaven. A place so beautiful that our minds cannot even fathom a portion of its beauty.

However, God doesn’t want to wait until you die to experience His goodness. He wants you to see it now.

In this lifetime.

I think at times we can get so caught up in waiting for God to move in our lives that we neglect what he is doing in our lives.

Mark, God does not want to save all of His goodness for you to experience in the after life. He wants to give it to you now.

Some things take time. For those you need to understand that you will eventually reap what you have sown. For other things, however, you have already sown the seed and your harvest is right now.


So make a commitment to never lose sight of what God can and will do in your life right now.

Hope for a better future fuels us on through our trials, but a promise to show us goodness right now is what our soul needs.

God will meet those needs.

Lets pray…

“Father, thank you for meeting every need. We at times get them confused with our wants but you remain true. We now understand that we can come to you with an attitude of expectation for you to show us your goodness in our lives today. You are such a gracious God that you take care of us now and for eternity. Today we come to you with expectation of a right now blessing. We are believing to experience your goodness as we are living on earth. Father some are growing weary in waiting, show them the harvest from their seed sown. We thank you in advance for all you have done for us. In Jesus name. Amen.”