Man Will

“Hopes placed in mortals die with them; all the promise of their power comes to nothing.”

~ Proverbs 11:7 NIV

One thing is for sure about man…he will fail you.

From best friends to family to pastors, at some point what you expect from man will be totally different from what you get.

Get used to it.

But moreso, get used to Christ never failing you.

Sometimes we can take the delays of God and look towards him as if he will fail us like man does. Our lack of faith leads us to worry and doubt.

Brothers…Christ is the only one deserving of our total faith and dependency.

Everyone we are connected with benefits from this unyielding faith in Christ.

Through faith, our relationship with Christ prevents us from cheating, murdering, robbing, stealing, killing, abusing, and many more sins.

So it is no goodness of our own that we are men of integrity. Our flesh is bound to fail us and others at some point.

But it is our relationship in Christ that allows us to walk upright as flawed vessels.

The one thing Christ cannot do…is fail.

Keep your hope in him, not man.

Lets pray…

“Father thank you for being a safe place for use to cast our biggest hopes upon. We are assured that you will never fail or forsake us. Help us not attach man’s shortcomings to your abilities. When man fails, Lord let us understand that’s what flesh does not you. Give us the heart of forgiveness towards those who have let us down and hurt us. Lord without hope in you our lives would be pointless. Thank you Lord…Amen