Fraudulent Faith

“Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love him.”

~ James 1:12 NIV

I am proud to be a work in progress.

I take pride in understanding that God is still developing my faith and character.

Recently God has been dealing with me in the area of faith and obedience.

Allow me to be transparent when I say I feel like I’ve been a Faith Fraud.

I realized that the faith I have been putting to work was solely based on my expected results. I didn’t mind walking in faith as long as it looked like how I thought it should.

When things didn’t quite line up, I allowed doubt and fear to creep in. Which resulted in me questioning God’s ability.

Furthermore, I’d profess his goodness when things were lining up as anticipated. But would wallow in frustration when circumstances seemed to be out of my control.

Needless to say – God humbled me.

He showed me that you cannot assume results. You cannot act like you know the outcome of what God has called you to do by faith. If God called you to search for a job, you cannot assume finding a job is the reward of you acting in faith and obedience.

God showed me it’s all about the process. So you may not get the job, but in searching another door far greater may be opened.

This approach to faith convicted me so strongly. I realized every act of my faith had a specific outcome based on my assumed outcome. Not God’s.

Do you see how limiting this could be in your faith walk? Taking action on faith but only being satisfied when it turns out how you want it to.

Praise God for his continual grace, mercy, and love!

It’s all about your heart’s condition.

You have faith in God because he’s good. Period. Not because you want the blessing.

You obey God because you love him. Period. Not because of the blessings obedience brings.

God is calling us to be like David…men after His heart. If you would just focus on following God, he will truly take care of the rest.

Let’s pray…

“Father forgive me for every act of faith that was thwarted by my personal belief. For every time I didn’t put your word into full action because I couldn’t see the outcome. Father your word is true and my thoughts are a lie. I choose the Word of God over any thought, idea, or plan I may have set for myself. Lord condition my heart’s desire to seek after you alone. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.”