Action Required

“Hard work always pays off; mere talk puts no bread on the table.”

~ Proverbs 14:23 MSG

Talk is cheap.

In today’s society it seems like that’s all we’re surrounded with.

People talk about the issues we are facing, they complain about the struggle, plead for help, and profess their love towards others.

However, very rarely is such talk followed by any action.

It’s this same lack of action that keeps men passive and inactive in the lives of our youth to guide, train, and mold them to be leaders of the future.

Leaving a back door open for the enemy to infiltrate their minds and draw them away from Christ.

Brothers, the body of Christ needs laborers.

Men who will work for the change that the world needs.

Men who will not sit idle while the world forces their agenda upon our families.

Men who will put the love of Christ into action to show the world the power of his love.

Lets pray…

“Lord thank you for another day you have allowed us to live. We do not take it lightly you continue to give us the gift of life daily. Now Lord, help us to use this gift for the building of your kingdom on earth. Help our words to be few, and our actions abundant. Because Father we know in the abundance of our actions our faith is made visible. A visible faith that will restore hope to the lost. We answer this call in your holy, precious name…Amen”