He Can’t Do It

“God is not human, that he should lie, not a human being, that he should change his mind. Does he speak and then not act? Does he promise and not fulfill?”

~ Numbers 23:19 NIV

Simply put…God cannot lie.

He is not like man indoctrinated with the impossibilities of life and doubt that stems from the flesh.

He created all, is above all, and has full control of all.

Ever since I got saved I thought of it as God won’t lie. That the act of lying goes against his nature. Which is true.

It wasn’t until recent that my Pastor gave me a deeper insight to God’s incapability to lie.

He pointed out that since every word God says is true, there is no way for God to speak a word that is not true.

If God called the sky purple it would immediately turn purple because His word HAS to come true.

He is not only operates in truth He is truth.

Since God built the earth out of truth He knows what it is supposed to be and look like. It was the introduction of sin through Adam that distorted it all.

But God never forgot His intentions for the world or your life. What He spoke thousands of years ago is still true now and forever more because there is not one word that comes out of His mouth that doesn’t come true.

So the problem lies in us. After we hear the word we must then believe it as true. It is not true because we believe it is, it is true because He said so.

Be encouraged today that the promises of God for your life are true. The only way the will not come to pass is if you give up and stop believing.

The time required to wait for the promises of God to manifest will never be known. The magnitude of the promise manifested can never be fully imagined. The possibility of it coming to pass is always 100%.

Take God at His word today and hold him to it. No matter how it looks, never forget the only words worth believing are the words from the Lord himself.

Let’s pray…

“Lord I must admit, it is so hard to comprehend that every single word you have spoken has and will come to pass. I’m surrounded by people who say things and never follow through. Promises are broken just as fast as they are given. But you are not like man. You speak the truth because you know the truth and you are the truth. Father help my unbelief. That I may look past the truths of the flesh and always accept your Word as the absolute truth. Because it is. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.”