MEN’s Group

MEN stands for (M)ale’s (E)motional (N)ature.

We are a virtual community created to help men of faith evolve to become better individuals. By doing such they are able to show up as better husbands, fathers, brothers, uncles, entrepreneurs, and more.

This is achieved through a collective provision of emotional training and support to increase their individual intelligence. For too long men have allowed themselves to be simplified down creatures driven by physicality and power.

This narrative must change.

Men have emotional needs, that when met, allow them to elevate their presence in all of their relationships. Most importantly, their relationship with their wife and/or children.

You no longer have to feel ashamed or feel compelled to suppress the emotions that are natural and should be expressed and accepted.

We have prepared a place and are inviting you to join the movement of men striving to be greater and whole each day.

Men who are willing to be vulnerable, transparent, and honest with yourself first; then your family. Together let’s uplift and challenge one another in Christ to be more like Christ.

Will you answer the call?

Check back shortly for an opportunity to join the community.