Devotions on Forgiveness

These chains

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I want to be free. I’ve been living with these chains on me for as long as I can remember. They were first placed on me by my parents telling me what I can and cannot be. The labels my teachers placed on me made the chains tighter. I’ve tried everything in my own strength…

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Always do it

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This is a friendly reminder…love conquers all. As hard as it may be sometimes paying evil back with evil always results in death for all parties involved. The operating force behind revenge is the pride of life. When we elevate ourselves above being abel to be offended we open ourselves up to retaliation as a…

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First Things First

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If you’re not familiar with the story David slept with his top soldier’s wife while he was away at battle. He sent her back home and later found out she was pregnant. This act ultimately led King David to murder his own soldier. For this scripture, I’d like to highlight what David did NOT do…

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